Lab Sports Retail Design Projects

Going against the recessionary trends, Lab Retail Ltd has embarked on a very progressive store expansion programme. The TK family of retail development businesses was been appointed to design and build five new outlets throughout the UK. These include Croydon Whitgift Centre, Tunbridge Wells, Bromley and Edinburgh. These projects encompass a new roll out format, following the success of their store in the Westfield Centre, Derby.

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Lab Sports Retail Design - Aberdeen.

The Union Square centre, a prime component of the major new town centre redevelopment in Aberdeen, provides the location for the Lab’s most northerly site. TK Retail Design re-designed the Lab Sport concept in line with its owner’s new customer profile. The re-design features a dynamic entrance image complimented by fixtures and counters constructed with new state of the art finishers. This retail design concept was approved by the Aberdeen new scheme design committee and provides the centre with one of it most prestigious shops.

The project was carried out whilst the centre was being completed. Protracted negotiations between the developers and the Lab required TK to design the store and obtain approvals and building warrants within the space of 4 weeks. This enabled the contract to be completed in time for the Union Square’s ceremonial opening.

Lab Sports Retail Design - Aberdeen. Lab Sports Retail Design - Aberdeen.

Lab Sports Retail Design - Cardiff

The next new city centre re-development scheme identified by The Lab was part of the multi million pound development Cardiff city centre, the St David’s shopping centre. The style black glass concept was carried over from the Aberdeen store into Cardiff in one of the largest stores in the group’s expansion scheme.

This contract was carried out parallel with the development in Aberdeen. Both stores were completed for the grand openings of the two schemes, despite the obvious logistical problems completing two major concept stores at opposite ends of the country.

Lab Sports Retail Design - Cardiff Lab Sports Retail Design - Cardiff

Lab Sports Retail Design - Cardiff Lab Sports Retail Design - Cardiff


Lab Sports – Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast & Sunderland

Café SocietyBased on the success of the Aberdeen and Cardiff stores, Lab Sport decided to build a third major store in the Arndale Centre, Manchester. This unit was designed and constructed to coincide with the hosting of the Arndale Centre’s conference on retail shopping centres in Manchester.