4 Reasons for Sustainable Building

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With the push for more affordable housing in places like Watford, there also comes an emphasis on sustainability. Sometimes placed in the category of design trends, the need for sustainability in architecture and building is now an accepted requirement, as around half of the UK’s CO2 output comes from it’s buildings. An essential element of just about every new development scheme, sustainability and responsible design are now legal requirements. Before planning permission is granted, architects, designers and construction companies must demonstrate the inclusion of a certain amount of Green technology within their project. Some of the reasons for the importance of sustainable building design are:

1. Climate Change

The Paris climate change agreement represented a positive force for good within the environment, encouraging a more creative approach to energy consumption by world leaders. Building design plays a big part in energy efficiency and ultimately climate control.

2. Urban Planning

The design of our buildings along with urban planning, are crucial in tackling the effects of global warming. These effects include the increased amount of floods up and down the UK in the last few years along with extreme and unpredictable weather systems.

3. Energy Efficiency

Reduced environmental impact is on the agenda for the public as well as the construction industry, as is of course the reduction of fuel costs. Thermally efficient glazing, water saving technology and the installation of systems such as Heat Pumps are applied where possible.

4. Feelgood Factor

Buildings which are well designed and thoughtfully executed, will contribute to the health and wellbeing of their occupants. Homes, schools, offices, hotels and shops will all benefit from increased natural light, warmth and comfort. Air circulation and spacial design to promote a sense of calm and tranquillity are also required for successful interiors.

The building process needs to be considered to, with the use of energy efficient plant machinery such as mini excavators and telehandlers. These can be hired in Watford from companies like Rhino Plant Hire, who insist on offering only professionally maintained and serviced plant machinery. They also provide a range of small plant such as powered access for work at height. This ensures that operators are safe and secure while carrying out building projects.

Government Requirements for New Builds & Refurbishments in and around London

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