5 Ways to Beat Fire

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firelogsPremises which are occupied at any time are subject to regulations set out in the Regulatory Reform [Fire Safety] Order 2005. These cover shops, offices and other establishments where occupants need to be protected. Offices are classed as moderate fire risks, dependent of course on how many people use the building and for how long.


Although smoking indoors is now banned in the UK, there is still some risk here, people being people! There is always the chance that somebody will decide to have a crafty smoke in the toilets or other hidden away area. Cigarettes have been responsible for many major and devastating fires, and a discarded one can smoulder for a long time before igniting nearby materials. By which time the premises may be unoccupied. A designated smoking area and effective signage will go a long way towards solving this type of issue.

Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances should be checked and serviced or repaired yearly in offices, shops and actually, anywhere else to avoid fires and injury. Misuse can render these appliances unsafe and heighten the risk of sparking or combustion, This often happens when the item is left unattended, so may go unnoticed until there is an established blaze. Staff should be advised to stay aware of dangers associated with electrical equipment and report any faults or issues.

Kitchens and Food Preparation Areas

Any kitchen areas should be carefully monitored, especially where food could be left to cook unattended, and safety notes placed where appropriate.


In rooms where things like photocopiers are stored, flammable liquids can present a hazard, this is exacerbated as stationary is also usually stored here. Again awareness among staff, coupled with good house keeping can avoid trouble.

Workmen on the Premises

If work is being carried out on the premises the use of gas torches, blow lamps, metal cutters and soldering tools is probable. Sensible supervision is appropriate here, while tradesmen work and after they leave. Inspect the area worked on and ensure fire fighting equipment is available at all times in case a problem is discovered.

Business owners and managers are urged to take fire risk extremely seriously and make it a priority along with things like the general running, heating and cooling of the building. Fire Logistics Ltd, Newcastle Upon Tyne are experts in fire fighting equipment like sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and can provide risk assessment and training. Call them on 0191 214 6400

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