Dont be Shy When Choosing an Electrical, Heating or Plumbing Contractor

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ebsIt’s no good running around like a headless chicken when trying to decide which building maintenance company to choose. Ignore their claims about turning water into wine, and look for your own clues as to what kind of service you are likely to receive. Are they registered with any of the reputable associations or groups like Gas Safe or ELECSA for instance?

According to a report earlier this year, by Electrical Safety First, [a body dedicated to improving and raising awareness about safe electrical practices], many people are too embarrassed to ask a contractor if they are registered! Electrical Safety First also state that this is leaving around 18 million people at risk of injury or death due to poorly carried out electrical work. Here are the top 3 questions which people shy away from asking:-

1. 62% of people dread asking their boss for a pay rise.
2. 49% cringe about asking a queue jumper to go to the back of the line.
3. 37% cannot face questioning an electrician or any tradesman about their registration status, let alone asking for proof!

Yet these requirements are essential for ensuring safety as well as a competent job. If you need work relating to gas central heating systems or other gas appliances, then by law the company you opt for need to use Gas Safe registered heating engineers. Electricians should be registered with the Electrical Contractors Association [ECA] or a similarly recognised body. One of your first questions needs to be ‘Before we get started, can I see some proof of your registration?’ Do this before anything has been discussed or agreed on. You are quite within your rights to check on these points, more than that, you would be unwise not to. If you have any doubts or don’t feel satisfied you can contact the relevant organisation to check.

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