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The importance of shop window displays is not a new concept, and we all remember the look of delight on the face of Tiny Tim as he wondered at the Christmas display in the toy shop window. This form of display is a crucial aspect of any high street business and the most effective way to attract shoppers into your store. In fact window dressing has become a sort of exact science, in the ever increasing atmosphere of competition. As many people are now preferring to sit in comfort with a coffee and browse the internet, than venture out into the elements, especially in the winter months.

But actually walking around the shops is still a favoured pastime for the majority, as the rewards are more immediate, and you don’t have to wait in for deliveries without knowing the exact day and time. If you would like confirmation of how the high street is still thriving visit any city centre on a weekend, and you will soon be reassured!

As the modern pace of life has speeded up, there have been inevitable adjustments and demands where shopping is concerned meaning a more versatile service with extended opening hours etc. Shop windows represent a major opportunity to communicate to potential customers what your business is about, and showcase what you have to offer in the best light possible. They are often the first contact that you have with your customers, so creating the right impression is essential.

The windows of your shop, office or business in Billericay or Brentwood, are your biggest marketing tool, and should be invested in, yet many owners do not use them to their maximum effect. You can use an array of methods to draw attention to your windows, with stencils, curtains, blinds and vertical blinds as a frame or backdrop. You can be brave and have fun with original themes and humour to entertain onlookers. Give it a go and unleash your imagination!

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