Terrazzo Flooring: Beauty and Longevity

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Italy has produced a variety of fine historic buildings like St Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum and Florence Cathedral. Many of us regularly travel to marvel at these wonders, never failing to be amazed at the sheer skill and craftsmanship of those ancient architects, designers and builders. But some parts of history can still be found in our own homes and businesses, and retain the same long lasting qualities.

Terrazzo flooring for instance, is associated with a technique used by ancient Italian workers called ‘seminato’ where large chips of marble would be added to cement, which would eventually be ground and polished. This type of flooring gained huge popularity in the US in the 1920’s mostly due to the invention of divider strips which avoided large expanses of terrazzo cracking, and electric grinders. These innovations also allowed designers to create different colours by providing a guide, and the grinders meant a faster, less expensive manufacturing process.

This timeless and durable flooring has been used for a wide range of applications and in places like hotels, airports, schools, shops, hospitals and factories. It is a big favourite when a tough, highly functional product is needed that is also aesthetically pleasing. Terrazzo really delivers where there is likely to be a substantial amount of foot traffic, and especially if machinery, heavy trolleys and equipment are continually dragged across it’s surface.

If you desire a beautiful floor that has intriguing and reflective details and a smooth, glossy finish, you should consider this option. It has a hard wearing, stain and scratch resistant nature and a timeless quality that will upgrade any property. Cleaning and buffing this flooring results in a spectacular finish. Damage is unlikely but can be repaired and maintained by specialists in the restoration of stone flooring like Lawco & Co Greater Manchester.

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