Things to Consider with Carpets and Flooring for Shops or Offices

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tkepicMany years ago, commercial carpets and flooring used for shops and offices was not that attractive, and choice was limited, especially where colour and thread were concerned. Nowadays there is an impressive choice with tough but beautiful carpets, wood flooring and LVT. Floor coverings can now form an intrinsic part of the overall design and feel that you are trying to achieve in your business. Of course whichever carpet or flooring option you decide on, it must conform to fire safety regulations, so in the UK look out for two British Standard marks BS5287 and BS4790. Rules and regulations like this appear from time to time in order to ensure a health and safety as well as a greener approach.

Some basic considerations when choosing your shop or office flooring include:-


Modern day vinyl flooring ticks all the boxes when it comes to commercial use, no longer the cheap flooring of old known as lino, modern vinyl flooring is exceptionally functional and attractive. Used extensively within the home, this type of floor covering is also ideal for commercial and retail application. One of its strengths is ease of cleaning and maintenance, meaning water, mud and other substances are not a problem. Also spills can be quickly sponged or mopped up without leaving marks or stains. Testament to how durable this material can be is the fact that it is used extensively for hospital corridors and wards which represent a lot of heavy traffic. Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT is a high performance flooring choice for any premises within the retail or office environment.

Safety Flooring

Safety flooring is an extremely safe, non slip version of LVT, which allows floors to be easily kept clean and hygienic while protecting people from slipping and falling. This type of flooring is now available in a wide variety of stunning designs and patterns.

Commercial Carpets and Carpet Tiles

Carpets suggest warmth and luxury making them highly popular with all kinds of businesses, including shops, cafés, bars, nursery schools, doctors surgeries and office reception or waiting areas. Carpet tiles are very practical as any damaged areas can be immediately replaced by one or two new tiles. They are also simple to fit as they can be tailored and cut to accommodate any awkward shapes. As with all other products meant for heavy use, commercial carpets are tough yet elegant with a vast choice of designs, patterns and colours. You will find high quality carpets and LVT at Harley Carpets in Brentwood, Essex along with a extensive range of other flooring products.

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