Canterbury Store

Retail Design For Canterbury Store

TK Retail Design was approached by Branded Retail to convert the design concept for the Canterbury flagship store, which already had Stage 1 design approval from the Westfields management team.


Canterbury Store

TK Retail Design Consultants - Projects

Trafford Centre, Manchester
TK Retail Design Consultants are now are preferred project managers for the Trafford Centre, appointed by owners Peel Holdings. We have been invited to act for Peel Holdings in the organisation and project management of tenant enablement works, within one of most active shopping centres in UK, experiencing an annual footfall of 7million people per year.

White City Shopping Centre, London
We were appointed to design fit out and project manage a new build flagship store for Canterbury of New Zealand. This is set in the UK's largest shopping development, London's White City. For this project, we turned the designer's concept into a working package to obtain the landlord's detailed construction approval, in a record 14 days.

Canterbury Store Canterbury Store  

TK Retail Design Consultants were recommended to Branded Retail by the Westfield Group following a design and installation project undertaken for them in Derby. We were also recommended by Lab Retail, for whom we arranged the fit out of five new concept stores, within a 12 week timeframe deadline, in Derby, Chester, Kingston, Bristol and Basildon.

Castle Galleries, Harrods, London
Following our appointment at the Trafford Centre to carry out landlords enablement works we were requested by an incoming tenant - Castle Galleries, to design and fit out their store within the Trafford Centre. Following this successful project we have been appointed by Castle Galleries to refit their flagship concession in Harrods, London.

Castle Galleries, Harrods, London Castle Galleries, Harrods, London Castle Galleries, Harrods, London

Castle Galleries, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Castle Galleries appointed TK Retail Design Consultants to refurbish their Leeds gallery. This work was carried out on a very tight time line and was achieved within budget.
TK Retail Design has now been contracted to design and install a new build store in Wolverhampton and to refurbish of the existing Castle Galleries outlet in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.


Hair Salon Design

Thinking of opening a new hair salon or planning to revamp your current one?

Start with basics for your salon. You must first test your water pressure, local water companies will do this for you. You need a minimum of 1.75 to 2.5 bar of water pressure otherwise a booster pump will be necessary. Your wash area should be close to the water and waste outlets.

Wash station areas are a challenge with a heavy usage, yet they still need to look and feel relaxing. Using partitions can create a tranquil corner for clients away from the hustle and bustle of the salon and ensure salon furniture is comfortable and practical.


Space out Hair Wash Stations

Work stations should have sufficient space between each one - don't be tempted to overcrowd. The first styling unit should be 1m (3') from a window or wall, second and subsequent units should be 1.2m (4') from the centre of the first unit.

Working space out from the unit to the rear of the stylist should be 1.5m (5'). Island styling units are very useful to fill awkward open floor spaces.


Get the Salon Ambiance Right

The atmosphere is a vital part of any salon with lighting a priority. Hang bank lights above every station and wall mounted secondary features give it more ambience. Making the most of natural light is a bonus but think of your clients privacy too - no-one wants passers-by seeing you with your head full of foils!

Your reception is the first thing that clients will see as they walk through the door so make it as welcoming as you can. Use colour effectively to separate the salon from the reception or different floor levels.

Wedding Hair Specialists

A good example for a wonderful hair salon design is which has a stylish, classy but trendy well thought out appearance. Most of the hairstylists at Trimmers specialise in wedding hair and they will take time for a personal consultation to ensure your hair is exactly the look you want to achieve for the big day.


Wedding Hair At Home

If a salon is not your thing and you would rather have your wedding hair consultation, and eventually done, in the comfort of your own home, then, Boe of will be happy to oblige.